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Lily & The Dandies for your wedding


La musique est un élément essentiel pour un mariage, elle permet de donner vie et d'embellir les plus beaux moments (...). Lily & The Dandies a mis au point un ensemble de formules afin d'être capable d'intervenir aux moments clé de votre mariage. de faire face à tout les moments clés d'un mariage l'ensemble des interventions musicales importantes pour un mariage et de répondre aux exigences des futurs mariés. Ainsi, nous pouvons gérer l'ensemble de la partie musicale de votre mariage à travers les prestations suivantes.

Because music is often present at key moments in a wedding (ceremony, cocktail reception, dance party ...). Lily & The Dandies has developed a set of original formulas to be effective on all of these important moments. This cocktail of services allows us to insure the entire musical part of your wedding.

Musical accompaniment to your ceremony


The group Lily & The Dandies can intervene during your ceremony in order to bring a musical touch to the times of your choice (start and end of the ceremony, entry of the bride and groom, delivery of alliances or other). We invite you to work with you and / or your wedding planner or celebrant to make this moment unique to your image. We can offer you songs from our repertoire or mount songs that are dear to you, arranged at our training. We are able to play indoors and outdoors, for secular or religious ceremonies.


Concert by the group Lily & The Dandies for your cocktail

To give a musical touch to your wine of honor, we offer a concert made up of the group's calm and eclectic repertoire (Jazz, bossa, pop, soul, motown covers) including titles more or less known from all eras. We take care to keep a volume level so that you and your guests can chat easily. This service can take place outdoors.


Dancing concert by the group Lily & The Dandies to kick off your evening

For this concert, we offer the dancing repertoire of the group composed of current covers (Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson), pieces from the Motown era (The Supremes, The Jackson Five) and Rock (Little Richard for example). This concert goes very well with our DJ performance.

DJ set

Lighting installation for DJ set Lily & The Dandies


In order to complete our offer, we offer a DJ set which is in line with the other services of the group. It is provided by two of the members, a dj and a person who controls the lights live by computer. This service offers an interesting flexibility, we can broadcast songs of your choice at any time, where live music may be less appropriate (entry of the bride and groom, meals, dessert, fireworks, speeches ...) . This DJ set goes very well with our dancing concert because we have a common installation. It allows you to extend your evening until the end of the night.

We work with you upstream to define and respect your musical tastes.

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